Queens - Celena
Celena is a my beautiful cream point mitted girl.
She is elegant, graceful and her delicate colouring matches her personality. She is always purring and playing with Isabella and Tia. The 3 of them are never far away from one another.
She is a big strong girl for her age with lovely blue colouring eyes for a cream as some times their eye colour can lack the deep blue. She has a nice profile and a gorgeous coat.

I have been searching a long time for a cream girl to join me and the fact that she is mitted was a bonus for me too. I would like to thank Martin and Yvonne from Dolly brooks for allowing me to have Celena join my home.
I look forward to showing her and adding her to my breeding program for late 2016.

Celena is HCM and PKD clear tested by Langford’s, GCCF registered on the ‘Active’ ,microchipped and vaccinated yearly.

Cream Point
Body clear white with any shading in the same tone as points.
Points: pale buff cream to light pinkish cream, with lack of barring desirable.
Eye colour: blue. Nose leather and paw pads: flesh to coral pink, as applicable
Celena at 17 weeks
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