Queens - Isabella
This was my sweet Seal Tabby Tortie Bicolour Ragdoll girl - she has now gone to live with Mona.

She was a very gentle sweet natured young girl and loved to be cuddled and tickled under her chin.
She came from a good pedigree as her Father is from Polish lines and her Mother is my Luli.

Seal Tortie Tabby Bi-Colour:
Seal Tortie Tabby Point Ragdoll's vary in many colours, from strong and bold to pale and simple. Seal brown tabby markings on a creamy body colour which has been broken with shades of red and cream. Ideally, all the points should show some red or cream. Nose leather, eye rims and paw pads to tone with the points colour.

Isabella is HCM clear by Parentage.
Click here for the list of official GCCF RagDoll Colours