Luli at 4 months old (2013)
Luli at 5 months old (2013)
Luli at 11 months old (February 2014)
Queens - Luli
This is my beautiful Blue Mitted Ragdoll, she has a gentle nature but also knows her own mind.
She loves to be cuddled and tucks her head under your chin, purring whilst she is being held. She is usually the one in the middle of everything, and she like chasing Kye around!
I aim to enter her into GCCF cat shows as she shows great potential – she comes from good pedigree and has perfect white mittens.

I was very lucky to get Luli from her Breeder in Bradford, she was my first ragdoll and I cannot imagine the house without her.

Blue Mitted colour:
Blue mitted Ragdolls are much like the colour points but have white at some of the points. They have white on the front paw tips, white on its rear legs and as an added attraction they have a white chin and chest. The face, ears and tail are a deeper greyish-blue tone.

Luli is HCM clear by Parentage, GCCF registered on the 'Active', microchipped and vaccinated yearly.

Click here for the list of official GCCF RagDoll Colours
Luli at 1 year and 2 months old (May 2014)