Studs - Rocco
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Rocco is now sleeping with the angels.
He will always be my Champion boy and there honestly will never be another boy like him He was the best, he was my angel.
Missing you my baby xx

This is my gorgeous Seal Point Ragdoll, he is the most gently and laid back boy you will ever come across. He is so soppy and adores cuddles.

He has grown into a magnificent boy with a great profile. He loves attention but also prefers to sit back and watch the world go by. He has been my main stud up until 2016 producing wonderful kittens and of course Zorro. He gets on great with Ollie which is a bonus.

Rocco is currently holding a 'Champion' status and i hope to get him made up to a 'Grand' in the future. He comes from excellent lines and has many Champions, Grands and Imperials in his pedigree. I have hight hopes for this stunning young boy.

I was so very lucky to get Rocco from his breeder Stuart . I would like to give him a big thank you for all his help and support.

Seal Point colouring:
Seal point Siamese cats have very dark, almost black, seal-brown points, with facial mask, ears, tail, paws, nose leather and paw pads all the same colour.

Of all the colourpoints, they have the widest variation in body colour. At a young age they might be a pale cream, but seal points tend to change with age.

Rocco is HCM clear by Parentage, GCCF registered on the 'Active', microchipped and vaccinated yearly.
Rocco at 7 months old (January 2014)
Rocco at his first GCCF show - aged 8 months (February 2014)