Queens - Tia
Tia my lovely seal tabby point girl.
She is a cheeky girl but also a real sweetie just like Evie.
She like to be involved in what ever is going on and is always the first to greet me at feed times. Tia loves her food and always has done right from a kitten

I was very excited to get Tia as I have been searching for a tabby girl for some time to complete my group of girls. Not only is she a seal tabby point but she is also a ‘Chocolate’ carrier. Tia came from CeruleanPride, the same breeder that I got my Luli from so thank you Immy for allowing Tia to come and join my home.
I look forward to showing her and adding her to my breeding program with Ollie.

Tia is HCM and PKD clear by parentage, GCCF registered on the ‘Active’ and vaccinate yearly

Seal Tabby (Lynx)
Body cream or pale fawn, shading to lighter colour on stomach and chest. Body shading may take form of ghost striping or ticking.
Points: seal brown bars, distinct and separated by lighter background colour; ears seal brown with paler thumbprint in centre.
Eye colour: blue, nose leather: seal brown permitted, pink edged in seal brown preferred; paw pads: seal brown.
Tia at 14 weeks
Tia at 8 weeks
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