Studs - Zorro
This is Zorro who is my newest addition to my boys. He is my home breed Seal Point Ragdoll kitten and is an adorable young boy. He has a constant purr switch of which he seems to leave on. He is the only kitten i have raised of whom chirps and talks to me. If i have the feather on a stick toy (which is his favorite) he chirps at me as much to say come on then......, play...... He also goes mad for chasing the lazer light around the on the floor. I could play for hours with him.

I look forward to the future as I plan to enter him into GCCF cat shows as he shows great potential - he comes from excellent champions in his pedigree. His dad was my 'Champion Stud Rocco' and his mum is my 'Luli'. I decided to keep Zorro back as he carries the blue gene from his mum along with his dads charm, profile and eye colour.

Seal Point colouring:
Seal point Ragdoll cats have very dark, almost black, seal-brown points, with facial mask, ears, tail, paws, nose leather and paw pads all the same colour.

Of all the colourpoints, they have the widest variation in body colour. At a young age they might be a pale cream, but seal points tend to change with age.

Zorro at 10 Months